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Our talented dentist specializes in dental implants and uses Computer Aided Designs to ensure your new teeth look and feel completely natural. The goal of Smiles by Jiveh is to make going to the dentist a painless and rewarding experience. Our dental office is located in Palm Beach County and we are accepting new patients.

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Dental Implants Explained

Dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth for a healthier quality of life and to also regain your confidence and beautiful, attractive smile. They are also a replacement for cracked teeth. In most cases, cracked teeth cannot be salvaged and a dental implant is an ideal way to replace them.

Dental implants are more than just beautiful teeth. They also help restore the function of the teeth, allowing patients to chew food more comfortably and without the fear of easy breakage.

Dental implants can be used in two ways:

  • They can replace one or multiple missing teeth.Examples of screw in dental implants - one of a single tooth implant and another of an implant bridge filling in the pace of three missing teeth.
  • Dental implants can also be used to support dentures that "snap" in and out or secure strong, natural-looking porcelain teeth, so nothing moves in your mouth or comes in and out, giving you the ability to enjoy your food without those embarrassing wobbly dentures that need paste to be kept in place.Example of snap-in dental implants replacing an entire row of bottom teeth.

Snap-On or Snap-In Dentures in Palm Beach County

Snap-On or Snap-In dentures are our most popular and most econExample of snap-in dentures replacing bottom row of teeth. omical way to replace the teeth. A Snap-In denture is a great solution for wobbly dentures, loose dentures, moving dentures, and the best way to secure dentures.

These are implant-supported dentures, and what that means is, as can be seen from the photo, your dentures snap into special "locator" implants and you go from wobbly dentures to secure and fixed dentures.

Higher-End Hybrid Teeth that Don't Come In & Out

Classic dentures - much more bulky than snap-in dentures.With Snap-On dentures, you won’t have to worry about glue or wobbly loose dentures! These photos are a story of a patient that one day decided she was sick of her wobbly dentures. She was tired of needing to always put "glue" on her loose dentures. One day she decided to do something about it. Now she has a beautiful smile to go with teeth that don't move, never come in and out, and are secure. Not only are her teeth better looking and she can eat whatever she wants, but her life has completely changed for the better. She went from applesauce
to steak in a matter of two hours and says her confidence and quality of life are through the roof.

Beautiful all porcelain teeth that are secured into implants that never come in and out.

Beautiful lower porcelain teeth that don't move or come in and out.

Beautiful, confident porcelain smile!

Welcome to the New Age of Dental Implants in Royal Palm Beach

A single missing tooth can significantly alter your lifestyle, often impairing function, preventing correct chewing, reducing bite pressure, and ultimately affecting your diet and your confidence. Missing teeth can also start a cascade of issues, from TMJ problems to shifting of teeth to a bad bite and eventually loss of more teeth.

Replacing the missing teeth with dental implants is one of the most predictable and successful procedures in dentistry today. With a 98% success rate, there is really no better procedure to replace your missing or bad teeth. Today, replacing a tooth with an implant can be fast, easy, and predictable.

Planning & Placing Dental Implants Using Digital Technology

With the team of our specialists, dental implants can be planned and virtually placed on the computer and then transferred to the mouth.

Benefits for patients seeking dental implants include:

  • Digital precision and accuracy like never before
  • Predictable results
  • Much less invasive procedure
  • No discomfort or pain in most cases
  • Patients get teeth immediately (and never go without teeth!)

Please watch our video of Joan talking about her dental implant procedure below.

Dental Implants for the Empty Spaces on Your Gums

Getting dental implants to some may seem like a luxury but, in dental terms, it could have a major impact on the way you eat, function, maintain healthy gums, and smile.

If there are spaces between your teeth, teeth move and fall into that space, causing gum and jaw issues. An empty space also leads to bone loss, causing aesthetic changes to jaw structure over the years and giving the patients a much "older" sinking look and profile.

Three images depicting progression of  facial appearance before and after tooth and bone loss. The after picture has a much older, more sunken-in looking jaw line.

Replacing All Your Teeth with Dental Implants

Are you tired of visit after visit to the dentist, only to get more root canals and crowns that break, come out, or continue to fail one after another? Do you have broken down teeth that continue to get infected and you are afraid they may cause more damage to your heart or your body? Or, are you tired of putting glue in your dentures to keep them in?

We are extremely proud to be one of the first dental offices worldwide to be offering "Pro-Arch" to our patients. This revolutionary new procedure allows us to give patients teeth in one appointment. Once we determine that the patient is a good candidate to receive Pro-Arch, it will take only one visit and less than an hour to get the new teeth!

Pro-Arch dental implants

About the Pro-Arch Dental Implant Procedure

After a 3D scan and a digital impression, all work is done on the computer and fabricated on a 3D printer before your next visit. During that visit, all the bad teeth are removed, implants are placed through a computer-generated guided system, and you receive your new teeth that were pre-made from the digital files.

This is a conservative, easy, comfortable, and fast-healing procedure. The video of Marveline below is only one week after her procedure. You can see the dramatic difference dental implants have made on her smile after the final "permanent" teeth were made.

Before and after image of dental implants.

Sedation Dentistry Options for Dental Implants

Although we have come a long way and dental implants can now be done so conservatively, you can be very comfortable through sleep dentistry during the whole procedure.

Ways to have sedation dental implant procedure:

  • We can use just the laughing gas or sweet gas to make the visit much more comfortable.
  • You can take a pill before the procedure for sedation, and you will be very comfortable.
  • We can do IV or twilight sedation, and you will wake up with new teeth.

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At Smiles By Jiveh, we believe dental implants can change your life like no other procedure, giving you your confidence and beautiful smile back. We can assure you that technology has advanced so much that these procedures can be done faster and easier than ever before with minimal discomfort. We are the first-choice Palm Beach County dentist by providing superior care with every major dental treatment.

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