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Healthier Smiles for Whole-Body Wellness

Bacteria sitting on your teeth leaks slowly into your bloodstream. Exposure to toxins in your mouth can lead to long-term health problems, such as bone loss, swollen gums, bloodborne bacterial infections, cardiovascular disease, and more. At Smiles by Jiveh, the services our Royal Palm Beach dentists provide make it easy for you to protect yourself against these dangers with regular teeth cleanings.

Every six months, you should have a dental exam. Schedule your teeth cleaning in Palm Beach County by calling (561) 220-1252.

Compassionate Preventative Dental Care

Many patients feel anxious about dental exams. Sometimes this feeling stems from guilt regarding how often you brush, or whether you floss or not. Rest assured that we will never make you "feel bad" about the condition of your teeth. Our job is to protect you, not shame you!

Once you get your teeth back in shape, we can get you back on track and provide you with a plan of treatment that helps you maintain your dental health from home.

Each dental exam usually includes:

  • Surface plaque scaling
  • Teeth polishing
  • Surface stain removal
  • Inspection of any existing fillings to ensure they are still secure
  • Careful cleaning between the teeth
  • Annual X-Rays to check for hidden cavities or decay
  • Inspection for signs of oral cancers and gum disease

    We do offer deep dental cleaning for patients exhibiting signs of early periodontal disease, patients who have gone a while between cleanings, and patients whose teeth could use a little extra care.

    Our Goal Is to Help You Keep Your Teeth

    Teeth showing signs of wear or early cavities can be cleaned and sealed, which often help prevent the need for fillings in the future. We want to catch problems like this early before the bacteria has a chance to work its way through your enamel. The more often we treat you, the better your chances are that you will get to keep all your teeth all your life!

    Take good care of your teeth by calling (561) 220-1252 to schedule your dental cleaning in Palm Beach County.

    Why Dr. Jiveh?

    • Over 25 Years of General & Cosmetic Dental Experience
    • Educator and Lecturer to Other Dentists Around the World. Respected & Renowned Within the Dental Community
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    • We Offer a Complementary Cosmetic Consultation
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