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Teeth Whitening in Royal Palm Beach, FL

Brighter Teeth for Confident Smiles Throughout Palm Beach County

At Smiles by Jiveh, we offer professional, effective teeth whitening treatments that lift stains and discoloration from your smile. We want you to feel confident when flashing those pearly whites! Our prestigious dentist specializes in smile design and restoration, taking advantage of the latest in teeth whitening technologies.

Dr. Jiveh is the trusted source for teeth whitening in Palm Beach County. Discover your options for whiter teeth at (561) 220-1252.

Experience Dazzling Effects with Opalescence Teeth Whitening System

Professional dental whitening procedures are safer and more effective than over-the-counter teeth whitening kits. Whitening treatments administered by a professional lead to more dramatic results, as well as reduced teeth sensitivity. Most patients only require one or two take-home treatments for optimum results. It is also a more comfortable procedure that is proven safer for your gums, tongue, and saliva.

This teeth whitening system is effective on all stains, including those resulting from:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Fluoride
  • Tetracycline
  • Smoking
  • Wine and dark sodas
  • General age

    Pair Bright Teeth with a Straighter Smile

    Many of our clients opt to begin their cosmetic dentistry treatment with a set of Invisalign aligners, ultimately achieving straight and white teeth by the end of their treatment plan. We may also partner a take-home whitening treatment with your dental bonding or veneers to ensure a brighter, closer color match.

    Commonly, patients use our amazing take-home teeth whitening treatments once they have gotten their braces removed, as the braces can often leave discoloration or stains on the surface of your teeth.

    Ready for a brighter smile? Reach out to our Palm Beach County teeth whitening dentist at (561) 220-1252.

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