Signs Your Crowns Don’t Fit Properly

If you have a cracked tooth or a tooth that requires a filling, your dentist may suggest you get a crown put in. While the type of material the crown is made of can affect how long it lasts, no crown will last very long if it isn’t fitting properly from the very start.

These are some signs that the crowns covering your teeth aren’t fit properly.

The Crown Feels Loose

Your crown should be unique to your tooth, fitting its size, length, shape, etc. Once it’s cemented onto your tooth, it shouldn’t move or feel loose. However, if the crown wasn’t made to perfectly fit, it can feel loose or fall out entirely. If that’s the case, it may need to be resized or recemented.

Your Teeth Have Gaps

A dental crown is meant to mimic your tooth as closely as possible, and that includes closing spaces between the teeth. If your crown doesn’t fit properly, gaps can potentially form between your teeth. Food will then get stuck in the gaps, which can lead to bad breath and even tooth decay.

If you’re noticing that you have space between the tooth with the crown and your other teeth, your crown isn’t fitting properly and will need to be fixed.

Your Bite Feels Odd

While it may take a few days to get used to chewing and eating with your crown, it shouldn’t feel like your bite is off much longer after that. If you notice your teeth are coming in contact with the crowned tooth while you’re eating, you may need to get the crown refitted.

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