When you take photos with your friends and family, do you find yourself heading into an editing app to whiten your teeth before actually posting the pictures? If you have a less-than-white smile, your self-confidence can a big hit.

What Causes Yellow Teeth?

You may be left wondering — why do teeth turn yellow, and are there certain things you’re doing that make the problem worse? Well, a number of things can cause your teeth to turn yellow, such as:


Sometimes, your genes work against you in the fight for white teeth. If either or both of your parents have stained or discolored teeth, yours may reflect the same genetics-caused color. You’ll likely be able to tell if your genes are the cause of your discolored teeth if your teeth appear reddish brown, reddish yellow, gray, or reddish gray.

Wear and Aging

After decades of ingesting acidic foods and drinks, your teeth with naturally turn a more yellow shade. The older you get and the more exposure your teeth have to acidity, the more discolored your teeth will become.


Along with the countless other negative effects it has on your health, smoking can terribly discolor your teeth. The nicotine found inside your cigarettes, e-cigs, or vape pens can leave a yellow or brown film over your teeth. Even if you try certain whitening methods, the color of your teeth won’t improve unless you quit smoking.


Does your morning not begin until you’ve had a cup of coffee? Do you like having a glass of red wine with dinner? Normally that’s not a bad thing, but those beverages, along with tea, dark-colored sodas, and sports drinks, can cause your teeth to become yellow and discolored.


If your mother took certain antibiotics while she was pregnant with you or you took them before you turned eight years old, your teeth may have been stained while they were still developing. If that’s the case, your teeth will be permanently stained and require an in-office whitening treatment to achieve a brighter smile.

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